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    Independent property rights patent

    8Large series

    Company pillar products


    Factory product pass rate

    Company Profile

    Zhejiang Dongzheng Electric Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Strong Motor Co., Ltd. make up a group corporation sponsored and managed by seniors of motor field from Zhejiang Province and Shanghai City.

    The group corporation professionally manufactures, develops and sells various kinds of small reduction gear motors and planetary gear motors concentrating its geographical, operating, technological, research and development, and capacity advantages. The corporation's motto is to unify in product development, quality management, system covering, machine layout and capacity scheduling.

    Being a member of National Electrical Appliance Industry Association, Director Unit of Micro Motor Association, committee member of National Micro Motor Standardization Technology Committee and National Standardization Technology Committee of Information Industry-use Micro Motors and Parts, the corporation has enormous influence in motor production field.

    The corporation has professional testing and experimental centers to test gears and motors, RoHS detectors and online advanced microprocessor control to test product characteristics. All that has guaranteed high-quality products for customers.

    Equipped with large numbers of advanced CNC machines, numerical control lathes, numerical controlled full automatic and precision gear-hobbing machines and assembly lines, the corporation possesses strong production capacity.

    The corporation's Ten Series products are small DC and AC Reduction Motors, etc… Small Planetary Gearbox has achieved the goal of new technology, superior quality and low price by adopting lots of new technologies, materials, and processes. The corporation's products are mainly export-oriented. The main markets are the US, West Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc… The corporation has powerful product development system to put the technological innovation and new product development at first. The corporation has many patents; all products own Independent Property Rights. With the fast development and changes of its products, the corporation has maintained a 30% of annual new products' development rate.

    The corporation has obtained the following Production Certificates: ISO9001, National CCC Identification, CE Certificate and part of UL Certificate. All products are accorded with RoHS.

    The corporation has impeccable customer service system to help customers to choose the right products and design, manufacture customized and specially-used products.

    Product application range

    Industrial automation (transportation equipment, rotating devices, etc.), solar tracking system, home appliances (lawn mower, ice crusher, air conditioning, garbage disposal, kitchen utensils, etc.), automotive industry (pumps, electric chairs, jacks, etc.) And health equipment (a variety of massage health equipment, medical equipment, etc.), amusement equipment (swimming pool cleaning machines, recreational amusement machines, etc.), office automation (automatic doors, packaging machinery, financial equipment, etc.)

    Major markets and customers

    About 75% of the products are exported to 20 countries and regions around the world, such as the United States, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, Britain, France, Italy, South Africa, South Korea and India

    Corporate purposes

    Outside the enterprise purpose: to provide customers with high-quality motor product design and production services; internal purpose: to provide the same family of employees as comfortable and comfortable working conditions;


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